Senior course (includes Easter and Summer courses)

Fees for 2019 £2080 (includes £250 non-refundable acceptance deposit)


Intermediate course (includes Easter and Summer courses)

Fees for 2019 £1690 (includes £250 non-refundable place acceptance deposit)


NYSO’s bursary scheme exists for students from families who would find it difficult to meet the costs involved in attending NYSO courses. It works on a sliding scale; people who are most in need receive the most help. Figures are based on your family's gross annual income. Please note, supporting documents may be requested.

Each application is considered on a case by case, NYSO is obliged to take into consideration the total funds available which vary from year to year.

How you can help yourself
In order to make sure that the NYSO Bursary Scheme can help as many students as possible, we ask parents and students to look for other sources of funding as well. This might be from local charities, businesses or other contacts.

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Bursary applications for 2019 course should be received by 12th January 2019.

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