Kodaly and Dalcroze

Kodály Musicianship

Zoltán Kodály’s approach develops musicianship through singing. Singing is man’s first and original instrument and all others can be seen as an extension of our ability as humans to sing. The importance of using the voice is that it automatically engages our inner hearing and inner hearing is perhaps the single most important attribute of the performing musician. It is essential that a musician hears the music in their head before they play and if a student sings something correctly first, the chances are that the performance of it on an instrument will be greatly enhanced. In the musicianship sessions we work on developing rhythm, pitching, multi-part hearing and coordination. The tools used include relative solfa and rhythm solfa and an attitude that only the very best musical material is good enough for use in teaching these skills to young people.

Dalcroze Eurythmics

Dalcroze Eurythmics is a unique method of teaching music wherein musical concepts are experienced and discovered through whole body movement. Exercises and games involve moving to music to improve all aspects of musicianship, including internal pulse, rhythm, awareness of phrasing, form, texture and articulation and listening skills. By integrating physical movement with musical experience, these concepts are learnt through experience before they are analysed. A wide range of complementary skills are also developed - in particular auditory memory, co-ordination, concentration, listening skills, communication, ensemble skills, expression and creativity.

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