Artistic & Music Director - Senior Orchestra Conductor

Director and Conductors - Camerata and Sinfonia Orchestras

Sinfonietta Director and Sinfonietta Team

Pastoral Team

Pastoral Team Assistants
  • Callum Sherriff (Team Leader)
  • Elizabeth Edwards (Team Leader)
  • Isabel Irvine
  • Lara Agar
  • Cai Waverley-Hudson
  • Caroline Blair
  • Harry Nim


Theo Vinden – Music Assistant

Tomo Kimura – Photographer & Social Media Manager

"NYSO residencies are some of the main highlights of my year and I absolutely love making music with other musicians my age and particularly enjoy the full string orchestra sound and repertoire. The tutors were fantastic, giving us insights into playing and posture as well as the specifics of the pieces. The full rehearsals were extraordinary: the amount of work and depth we went into in the pieces was more than anything I’ve ever done."

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NYSO has 4 orchestras of different ages and levels. The Senior Orchestra is for Grade 8 and above. Camerata for ages 13-17 and playing standard grade 6-8. Sinfonia for 9-12 years and Grade 5-7, and Sinfonietta for talented 7–9 year-old string players at grade 2-5 or equivalent.

Senior Orchestra Sinfonietta Sinfonia Orchestra Camerata Orchestra

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The continued generosity of our supporters enables NYSO to make our residencies accessible to a broad spectrum of talented young string players. This is fundamental to our ethos and key to our continued success.

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