Artistic & Music Director - Senior Orchestra Conductor

Director and Conductors - Camerata and Sinfonia Orchestras

Sinfonietta Director and Sinfonietta Team

Pastoral Team

Pastoral Team Assistants
  • Steve Nurse – Team Leader
  • Lara Agar
  • Caroline Blair
  • Ellie Church
  • Adam Cubitt
  • Elizabeth Edwards
  • Charlotte Howdle
  • Cai Waverley-Hudson
  • Isabel Irvine
  • Tomo Kimura
  • Maxim Del Mar
  • Harry Nim
  • Francesca Pringle
  • Callum Sherriff

Theo Vinden – Music Assistant

Emma James – Music Assistant

"The Kodaly and Dalcroze lessons were a key part of my experience. My understanding of Solfa and of the music we were playing has deepened. By using movement I really felt the rhythm of each piece. I could visualise each action and input it into my playing. I also really enjoyed playing the pieces in small chamber groups with input from tutors on how to play together better. This has developed my listening skills and affected how I play with other people, even if it’s just with a piano accompaniment. It’s such a great example of how I can take the skills that I’ve learnt at NYSO and apply them in my musical life."

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NYSO has 4 orchestras of different ages and levels. The Senior Orchestra is for Grade 8 and above. Camerata for ages 13-17 and playing standard grade 6-8. Sinfonia for 9-12 years and Grade 5-7. New for 2023, the Sinfonietta will be for talented 7–9 year-old string players at grade 2-5 or equivalent.

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The continued generosity of our supporters enables NYSO to make our residencies accessible to a broad spectrum of talented young string players. This is fundamental to our ethos and key to our continued success.

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